13 February 2010

tango en ciel de lit

Sometimes when I'm bored and have not so much to do, I put on my tango shoes.  Then I start moving around, sometimes I get the idea to film myself for technique correction.  This is a very useful thing to do!

But lately I just dance around to Brigitte Bardot like an idiot, because my nights are ever so eventful, and so I decided to combine forces: a tango video to Brigitte Bardot.  I was practicing boleos (continuing instruction from Fernanda Cajide), and you can see by the end of the video I get a bit carried away and my technique & form COMPLETELY die.  But I don't really care- who doesn't secretly wish that at a milonga once in awhile, they play 60s french pop?  And not just for the cortina...
boleos for one - tango en ciel de lit

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Margo Romero said...


That looked wonderful, I don't mean just the boleos, I mean the whole aesthetics... It looked like something taken out of a European film... The bottle of wine, the shoes, the mirror, the song... the angle... great ambiance.

I'm impressed! And I'm a huge European film lover so I know what I'm talking about... ;)