25 February 2010

take care of your tango toes

I have great shoes.  They have wonderful support and feel light and lovely.  

That doesn't mean, however, that I don't develop blisters on my feet, and especially calluses on the inside part of my big toe.  At this point these calluses are unavoidable, because I dance all the time with my feet turned out and it's only natural that most of the resistance develops on the inside parts of the toes.  But it's gotten to the point where my toes are so sore that the pain keeps me from turning my feet out as much as I should.  Now this is a problem.

Apparently the best thing to do to these rotten calluses is use a pumice stone and DESTROY THEM.  And also to wrap your toes when you aren't dancing.  For the ballerinas out there (merkel) this is old news, but tomorrow I will give my feet the royal treatment with a long shower, pumice attack (!!), wrapping, and a nice, cushy (but stylish, mind you, who do you think I am?) shoe.

Just dance, gonna be ok... (I love this record baby).


Joli said...

I hate to contradict you, but when you have proper fitting shoes, one will not build up a callous. Your tango shoes should fit snuggly but never pinch.

Glad to hear you are caring for your tootsies! These are certainly a body part that is irreplaceable!

juju ariel said...

Joli - well, yea, probably something's amiss. They don't pinch but the material around the toe isn't as thick as it could be to keep a certain amount of pressure off the toe. Argh.

Be well!