10 February 2010

snow, snowstorm, snow

In celebration of both the snowstorm and my love for Doctor Zhivago, I just have to model my fur hat for you:

I don't know if you can see it in the background, but there is a photo from Doctor Zhivago on the wall, with Yuri and Lara wearing hats quite similar!

Dear J. Peterman: One rabbit fur hat, flaps can be tied up or worn down. Made especially for coming in on dark winter nights to a Turkish rug and a fire burning in the fireplace. Or for a quick stroll to the counter-revolutionary artists' cafĂ©, The Stray Dog, in St. Petersburg, 1912.  Also quite useful for deserting the Red army and making your way, somehow, sometime, to Paris.      

What does one do in a snowstorm??  Anna Akhmatova, the great Russian poet, has some ideas:

Empty white Christmastide.
Snow, snowstorm, snow.
Let the roads be an ice-rink -
I've nowhere to go!

A.A. January 1914


Runway Reviews said...

great photo of rabbit fur hat! it's good for winter and wearable after all!

juju ariel said...

Runway Reviews-
Thanks! It always adds a little chic et romance to my days... Stunning blog, by the way.