08 February 2010

la trattoria

La Trattoria is one of Cairo's best restaurants.  It's on 13 El-Maraashli St., which is right around the corner from 37A Ahmed Heshmat (my old apartment) - lucky me.

Strangely enough, this picture is taken from Omar Sharif's favourite table. You can often see him dining there, and I have had the pleasure of sharing drinks with this wonderful, elegant gentleman numerous times because of mutual friends.  The first time I met him was at the bar in November 2008; and was again introduced to him when I got to know the owners of the restaurant and their friends again in October 2009.  Needless to say, La Trattoria is a relaxing place with good food and a fine selection of "under-the-table" imported wines.
I miss the kind, humorous waiters there, and the elegance that few people know how to preserve in a post-revolution Egypt...

If you love Doctor Zhivago (and Mr. Sharif) as much as I do, watch out for my next post...


Margo Romero said...

You got to meet Omar Sharif? And have drinks with him? OMG.... I've been in love with him since Litvak's Night of the Generals... !!!!! I am so impressed... lucky you..!!!! ;)

juju ariel said...

margo -
Yes, such a gentleman! He is the absolute image of elegance, still with a moustache, too - and perfect French of course.