07 February 2010

in tango, attention to detail

I know it's poor form to take tango videos without the dancers' permission, but since there is very little dancing you see, I want to post it because I want to make a different point with this video.  I took it, sneakily with an iphone, at Providence Tango before Fernanda Cajide taught an excellent class on boleos.
There isn't much going on in this video - the dancers are doing back ochos, the instructor is watching them.  The reason why I love this video is because it shows why I love good tango instructors -- attention to detail.  Perfectionists.  Form.  In the video, the instructor stops the woman while she is doing her back ocho and adjusts the position of her leg.  The angle of her foot.  Anyone can do an ocho, a boleo, etc., but when I take a class with an expert, I want that person to tell me all of the things they see wrong about my dancing.  If my foot is not turned out enough, I do want them to stop me and turn it out for me, so I have the physical memory.  I want my instructor to be just as obsessive about my form as I am, and whenever I see someone adjusting someone's body position, the turn of their foot, the setting of their shoulders or turning of the torso, I am inspired by perfection and connection.  

I suppose that's the paradox of tango... Connection is always imperfect because it involves two human beings... and yet each of us individually strives for a perfection of form that can only come about through the trials and errors of embrace.  And together, through our imperfections, we try to dance a beautiful tango... 

Alors...  Vous avez mon salut...!

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Margo Romero said...

I know exactly what you mean. My private tutor is like this... a sweetheart, but demanding and almost obsessive when it comes to detail... which is a good thing, I can't complain... =)