19 April 2010

volcano, i love you

I follow the Global Volcanism Blog (and also follow them on Twitter!).  And these photos are infinitely more exciting than whatever I experienced at this tango workshop in NYC this weekend.  To tell you the truth the workshop left me a little cold, even though I took a great video of the performance at the Friday night milonga.  But the video looks like every other tango performance everywhere, and sometimes what is truly sublime occurs where we least expect it, on a lonely night in Iceland, on top of a volcano called "Eyafallaj√∂kul."

And although all of Europe has been shut down, and everyone's facebook updates say "stupid volcano, I'm stuck in Milano," (heaven forbid!), I saw these photos and nearly cried over their beauty.  They come from Stromboli Online, a Swiss channel.  "I want your love, and I want your revenge..."

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