11 April 2010

new layout!

How do you like it?  It's not as cozy as the old layout, but I kinda like its chic-ness.  I've been playing around with this "Blogger-in-Draft" thing as a means for procrastination, and making up for the fact that my photos from Cairo keep getting rejected by my dying computer and won't upload.  I tried to upload photos from the Swiss Club Practica this morning, and was so depressed by the fact that my computer completely destroyed my new external hard drive (why??) that, what did I do?  I went to get my haircut.  Again.  Even though it's been 5 weeks, I'm in the clear, but I even had to check my blog posts to make sure that I didn't get my haircut an insanely short time ago.

I had so much to tell you...  So much to show you!  The amazing chocolate I bought in Switzerland, the very Swiss-like interior of the Swiss Club in Cairo (no, I'm not from Switzerland, I'm just developing a small obsession with this country that I have been in for a total of 3 hours)...  Have to wait until Tuesday, when I get a new computer (ISA).

Until then, here is a photo I took in Parma, Italy last July.  Life is sweet in Italy (for obvious reasons, Federico!).  Sometimes when I am sad I think about eating asparagus risotto outdoors with a great glass of wine, watching all the lovely people pass by, my only thought on what flavour(s) of gelato I am going to have at around midnight.  Things are better that way.

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