14 March 2010

it's been so long

Lack of (s)inspiration in my life right now; tango trials making me want to hibernate, meditate, and return with a clear head.

I am choreographing (yes, oh la la, choreographing) a solo Borgesian tango for a university project.  I'm making a dance film.  Inspired by the Borges stories "The South" and "The Zahir." Ever mixed tango with sufi dancing and kabbalistic maps of the body?

I know it's probably extremely politically incorrect to 1) choreograph a tango 2) choreograph a tango in which there is no lead, but one follow following herself 3) make tango something that it's not,

but this thing is going to great, involving a red ribbon, a compass, a jaguar ring, sufi spinning, and death by planeo, all to the Gotan Project's "Vuelvo al Sur."

..any thoughts?


magickwords said...

Sounds fascinating! Hope we'll see it here?

juju ariel said...

working on it! i'm having technical difficulties with EVERYTHING lately, and my upload page said it would take 21 hours to upload my 6 minute video (something is terribly wrong here) - hope to post the finished product after tuesday, when I don't have to worry about my whole life crashing if my computer decides it just doesn't want to live anymore. ;)