08 January 2010

finally, my shoes, and a strike out

Finally, elhamdulillah (!) my tango shoes were made!  Yes, custom made, custom fit tango shoes from Cairo, Egypt. 

Oooh, they fit so well, and look so good!  But honestly, it's just so nice to dance without feeling like I'm going to fall over.  My other shoes just weren't cutting it --- the bottoms had been worn down and the straps stretched to the point of no return and my foot was never stable.

I struck out on the milonga tonight.  I confused the days and the venues from the Portland Tango website and some recommendations I got, and I ended up walking in on a ballroom tango lesson.  When the woman asked, "Are you here for advanced ballroom group tango?" I could not hide my disgust.  Ok, it was a comical kind of disgust, but it prompted her to say: "Yes, this is definitely not Argentine Tango if you're looking for a milonga..."  I hate feeling like a tourist!  Instead I ended up going to a few art galleries and having a hot chocolate.  I suppose bread and chocolate are the only suitable alternatives to tango...
p.s. it was new year's. no resolutions. not one. you?

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