11 December 2009

waiting for you, just waiting... can't you see i'm waiting for you?

Still waiting on my shoes... I've been reluctant to post because I have no recent pictures from the milongas and no shoes to speak of.  There was a great milonga on Saturday at Bian Caffé - all of the dancers in Cairo were there, which was nice, because it seems like the community is coming together rather than dividing itself into different "tango camps."  (Sometimes I speak too soon) 

I just got some great music and tango videos from various places in Berlin and Sharm el-Sheikh from Bassem Youssef, but what I'm really going crazy over right now is an opera recording by Erika Köth, who, I swear, is the best opera singer I've ever heard.  Normally I find Die Zauberflöte a bit trite and painful to listen to (and opera in general, actually), but I have been addicted to this recording ever since a friend brought it from Germany for me.  I would post a photo, but my life is too horrifyingly busy right now to do a nice set-up... I'll have to post on it later. 

Cross your fingers, my shoes are coming Tuesday.

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